I have C-PTSD and your Rise THC has helped more than any prescription drug I've been given. I don't get high, but instead it makes me feel like I'm balanced and not scared or panicked constantly, yet it's mild enough I can take it at work and still be productive. Thank you for making this product, you have a loyal customer now

Michaela B.

I experience a lot of shoulder and back pain from driving long hours multiple days in a row. I
take the RISE THCA tablets prior to stretching or doing yoga and have had better results when
taking the THCA tablets prior to stretching/yoga compared to when I have not taken them.
These tablets are highly effective for not only severe ailments but helping with the day-to-day issues I experience.

Haily H.

I love the RISE Daily tablets. I take one Daily tablet in the morning with my vitamins and helps
me focus in the morning while reducing some of the pressure of getting ready for the workday.
I stopped taking them for a little while and didn’t realize how much they helped me until then.
The tablets are great!

Nancy H.

I have recently taken RISE THCA tablets to help with the nausea and discomfort caused by my
chemotherapy treatment and it has helped me tremendously. I usually take them in the
morning when the discomfort is the worse and it reduces my nausea and helps with my

Susan G.

I began taking RISE CBD and THCA tablets as I wanted a non-psychoactive cannabis option to
help with the nausea and bone pain I experience from chemotherapy. These tablets work great
in reducing those ailments and I would 100% recommend.

William B.

I have trouble falling asleep at night and decided to begin taking RISE CBD and THC tablets
together to see if they helped. Since taking them, I’ve been able to fall asleep more easily and
stay sleeping throughout the night without waking up. When I wake in the morning, I feel well
rested without being groggy. These tablets are great!

Lawrence K.

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